Success Cases in Many U.S. Schools

Success cases include Harvard, Columbia University, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Chicago, Swarthmore College and many more Top U.S. Schools.

Comprehensive and Flexible Services

We offer the most comprehensive and most flexible application services to suit each individual students needs. We also offer Portfolio guidance for art school applicants.

Unique Student-Consultant Partnerships

Dynamic Student-Consultant Partnerships, which includes the collaborative efforts of Chinese and American Consultants, improves the success and experience of the student.

  • Student_Johnny


    MIT (7) Math

    Princeton University (1) Williams College (1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (7) Stanford University (4)

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  • Student_Daniel


    Cornell University (16)

    Cornell University (16) Math and Computer Science

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  • Student_Nancy


    Brown University (14) ED

    Brown University (14) ED Political Science

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  • Students_Ian


    Brown University (14)

    Brown University (14) ED Urban Studies

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  • Student_Rick


    University of Michigan (29),RSID Architecture

    University of Michigan (29),RSID Architecture

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  • Students_Kevin_2


    Parsons School of Design

    Parsons School of Design, Fashion Design

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  • Students_Tommy


    Carnegie Mellon University (25)

    Carnegie Mellon University (25) Engineering

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  • Student_Coco


    NYU (32)

    Vassar (11), Tufts (27), NYU (32) Journalism and Communications

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  • Students_Kevin_1

    Kevin Wang

    Boston University (41)

    Boston University (41) Communications

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  • Students_Derek


    Washington University in St. Louis (14) ED

    Washington University in St. Louis (14) ED Engineering

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Complete College Application Services

Includes our Original Ten-Step College Application Process, which guides students through the preparation and completion of all college application materials.

Customized College Application Services

We can accommodate any combination or part of our services, from activity planning to essay brainstorming and editing to school selection and guidance.

Art & Design School Application Services

Art and Architecture School Application Portfolio development and review from consultants that boast deep professional backgrounds in Design and Architecture.

Step 1

Preliminary Counseling & Scheduling

Review of prior academic accomplishments and the development of an Action Plan with organizational timeline.
Step 2

Activity Planning and Preparation

Editing of the activities resume and Recommendations for extracurricular involvement and summer activities.
Step 3

Training Courses

Regular seminars and workshops with guidance from our community of processional consultants, former students and partner organizations.
Step 4

School Selection Guidance

In-depth interview on college preferences of both student and parents and the Preparation of a selected list of colleges.
Step 5

Testing Recommendation

Guidance on college application test requirements and recommendations for preparation and testing centers.
Step 6

Essay Brainstorming and Editing

Essay Brainstorming session and editing of the personal statement as well as all supplemental application essays.
Step 7

Application Process and Guidance

College application review and assistance including all file preparation and recommendation letter submission.
Step 8

Mock Interview Practice

Recommendations and practice for college interviews. Personal resume and interview question preparation.
Step 9

Career-Oriented Training

Evaluate individual strengths and career interest to develop future goals. Mentoring from respective industry professionals.
Step 10

Final College Selection

Help with making final choice when decision letters are received and assistance with relevant file preparation and student visas.

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