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Unique Student-Consultant Partnerships

Dynamic Student-Consultant Partnerships, which includes the collaborative efforts of Chinese and American Consultants, improves the success and experience of the student.

Experienced & Helpful Consultants

Top team of highly reputable consultants, with experience in all aspects of the college application process, and whose success cases cover most top U.S. schools in the last 3 years.

Rich Backgrounds in Many Majors

A strong diverse team of overseas editors, top school alumni and business executives, who are able to offer varied services satisfying student needs and interests in many majors.

  • With Haoxue, we had a partner in the process. Sherry gave us peace of mind with her knowledge and experience. She kept us organized and on track.

  • I'm extremely impressed with your knowledge of the various colleges / universities and their programs. The end result was a perfect match for my son.

  • Working with Haoxue allowed us to have harmony during what is often a very stressful time. Sherry kept our son accountable, and in a kind and nurturing way.

  • I came to Hoaxue with no idea how to approach the college essay. I left my brainstorming session with three GREAT ideas and solid direction.

  • Sherry was wonderful at drawing the best out of our daughter. She provided extraordinary guidance while not taking any ownership of the product.

Sherry Xie
Director / Haoxue Founder

About Sherry

Five year dedication to college application guidance with a high reputation in the industry. Sherry has helped many students successfully obtain admittance to nearly all Top 20 American schools. Successful cases include Harvard University, Williams College, Swarthmore College, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago and six of seven Ivy League Schools. Sherry graduated with an MBA degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign with high scholarships and had her bachelor study in Fudan University.

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Comprehensive college application process knowledge


Activity planning and brainstorming expertise


American school knowledge and selection expertise


Success cases in many top American Schools


Dedication to providing the most thorough guidance to students


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Through our Unique Student-Consultant Partnerships, and collaborative Mentorship from Chinese and American Consultants, we endeavor to make the application process more—one of growth and self-realization.

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Our Original Ten-Step College Application Process provides students with the most comprehensive college application guidance. Customized services packages are available to suit individual student needs.

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