Our Objective

AS Consulting Company is inspired by the spirit of the American Higher-Education System: An emphasis on individual development and the encouragement of independent thinking. We strongly believe that the college application processes is important, not only necessary in order to gain admittance to a good university, but also as an opportunity to inspire students to understand themselves and their unique talents and aspirations. Our Original Ten-Step College Application Process, and our unique Student-Consultant Partnership, which includes the collaborative efforts of both Chinese and American Consultants, will help students to achieve greater success compared to that of the standard college application process model. Students are encouraged to utilize the combined experience and efforts of both our Chinese and American consultants in all aspects of the college application process.

Through our Unique Student-Consultant Partnerships, which include Mentorship from both Chinese and American Consultants, we endeavor to make the experience of the college application process more —one of growth and self-realization. Our Service Model

AS believes that each student is special, with his or her own unique stories to share. Therefore, we view each application as not only un-replicable, but also as the embodiment of a treasonable experience for each student.
− Sherry Xie, AS Senior Director and Founder

Service Model

Independent Growth
We firmly believe that the application process is a process of growth and self-realization. Thus we hope to help the student better understand their strengths and aspirations.
Student Partnerships
We partner students with a Senior Chinese and American consultant in order to maintain frequent communication and to improve the success and experience of the student.
Tailored Services
We offer the most comprehensive and most flexible application services to suit each individual students needs. We also offer Portfolio guidance for art school applicants.
Rich Backgrounds
Our comprehensive mix of consultants have all studied and worked in the United States, thus providing rich alumni resources and cross-cultural opportunities for students.
Familiar & Helpful
With an ideal student to consultant ratio, each consultant is familiar with every student, thus students can easily communicate with consultants and readily obtain assistance.
Integrated Learning
We regularly offer workshops and seminars to help students learn and also partner with companies and student organizations to foster community growth and education.
Sherry Xie (谢丽)
Directory / Haoxue Founder

About Sherry

Five year dedication to college application guidance with a high reputation in the industry. Sherry has helped many students successfully obtain admittance to nearly all Top 20 American schools. Successful cases include Harvard University, Williams College, Swarthmore College, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago and six of seven Ivy League Schools. Sherry graduated with an MBA degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign with high scholarships and had her bachelor study in Fudan Univeristy.

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Comprehensive college application process knowledge


Activity planning and brainstorming expertise


American school knowledge and selection expertise


Success cases in many top American Schools


Dedication to providing the most thorough guidance to students


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Pisces partners students with a team of experienced Chinese and American consultants. Our consultants have successfully helped students apply and obtain admittance to many top 20 schools.

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Our Original Ten-Step College Application Process provides students with the most comprehensive college application guidance. Customized services packages are available to suit individual student needs.

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